Terms & Conditions

The app or website along with all its contents are copyright works of Arrange Truck (“Owner of Arrange Truck”, “US”, “We”, “Our”) and will be considered infringement to intellectual property rights when used without the consent of Arrange Truck. By using the services through app/website, you agree to comply with Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy of Arrange Truck. In case of any conflict the terms & conditions specified here should only be used to settle the disputes.

General Directions

Arrange Truck provides an app-based platform for only GST registered User(s) (“Firm/Individual” or “Any legal Entity” or “You”) to find truck nearby their location for shipment of the goods across the country. Any person below 18 years of age should not use our platform and will be considered violation to our policy if found guilty.

Arrange Truck may change or update its Terms & Conditions or Policy without prior intimation to the User. The User should only use our services upon agreeing to the Terms & Conditions mentioned here and is liable to abide by them. Arrange Truck reserves the right to terminate bookings or revoke access of the User without prior notice in order to protect the interests of Arrange Truck. 

Third Party Links/SDKs/Contents

Arrange Truck may provide links to third party products/services for the convenience of the User. Arrange Truck does not have control over the contents provided by the third party. Therefore, we do not take any responsibility and the User(s) should use their own discretion while accessing the contents of the third-party products/services.

Compliance/Instructions for User

Only GST registered User should use the services offered by Arrange Truck. User(s) should provide the information correctly to the best of their knowledge while making any bookings through our platform using our app/website. User should make booking on the same date of shipment through our app. After confirmation of the booking, User(s) should dully fill the Freight Memo (“Consignment Note”, “Lorry Receipt”, “Challan”) sent to their registered email and provide 2 copies of dully filled freight Memo to the assigned driver.

You will not use this platform for shipping any items that are dangerous, harmful illegal or objectionable. After loading and giving receipt (Challan) for the goods loaded- i) Truck Driver, Truck Owner & Consignor are fully responsible for reaching the goods to consignee. ii) If material is not delivered at destination any information should reach within 15 days from the date of loading.

We will not be responsible for any leakage/breakage/soilage during transit or due to improper and weak packaging. Shortage of Industrial Product Materials up to 50/100/200/300/400 kgs is not disputable. Any tax receipts issued by the Forest Department has to be reimbursed by the Firm/Individual/Any legal Entity who uses our service. Fare collected by us for transporting the goods does not include insurance of goods and User(s) are liable for taking the insurance of goods by themselves.

The fare collected from the user is excluding GST. User availing our services is liable to pay GST to the government directly under Reverse Charge Mechanism for GTA Services. User should not overload the truck beyond the limit as mentioned – i) For 10-wheel truck the limit is 16 tons. ii)For 12-wheel truck the limit is 21 Tons. iii)For 14-wheel truck the limit is 27 Tons.

User should reimburse Arrange Truck from and against and in respect of any or all liabilities, charges, losses and expenses (including legal fees and costs on a full indemnity basis) claims, demands, actions and proceedings which Company may incur or sustain directly or indirectly from or by any reason of or in relation to the use or proposed use of the Services by the User and shall pay such sums on demand on the Arrange truck. In any scenario, User do not have the right to withhold the payment towards Arrange Truck. Arrange Truck reserves the right to lien over the consignment unless full payment is not done by the User to Arrange truck.

Cancellation Policy

Confirmed Booking can be cancelled by the User only when the driver did not reach the pickup location and the Freight Memo is not generated. In such scenario as mentioned here, the cancellation charges will be incurred as follow – After the booking is confirmed -i) if the User cancels in 7 minutes then Cancellation Charge of Rs 300 is applicable -ii) if the User cancels in 8-24 minutes then Cancellation Charge of Rs 600 is applicable -iii) if the User cancels after 24 minutes then Cancellation Charge of Rs 1500 is applicable.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy can be accessed by Clicking Here.

Return/Rejected Consignment

In scenario when consignee refuses to take the delivery of the shipment, we will try to contact you and agree the appropriate next action. User shall be liable to pay us any costs we incur in forwarding, disposing of or returning the consignment and our charges (if any) for the agreed appropriate next action.

If User terminates the agreement with Arrange Truck with respect to any consignment, User shall be liable to pay Arrange Truck the entire fees and other expenses incurred with respect to such consignment.


We make no representations or liabilities of any kind that the information provided in app/website implies completeness, reliability and accuracy. You at your own risk is responsible for reliance on any information and Arrange truck is not liable for any loss or damage whatsoever. Though Arrange Truck aims to make your experience smooth on this platform, we are not liable for any technical or unexpected issue resulting in delay or unavailability of our platform or services.